With the infection count of COVID-19 rapidly increasing, companies are forced to adapt to the new normalcy for conducting business, i.e. embrace technology for business continuity and Special education professionals are no exception to his paradigm shift. With parents being apprehensive about face-to-face sessions for their children during this pandemic, embracing technology leveraged remote or Teletherapy seems to be the best way for safe and continued delivery of services.

In this technological era, adapting to a virtual space has become a new norm among healthcare professionals, given the exceptional circumstances. Special education professionals and therapy providers are no different. With parents being apprehensive about face-to-face sessions for their children during these uncertain times like COVID-19, embracing remote working is the best way to overcome this crisis.

A TeleTherapy solution, that is exclusively designed for the purpose of therapy and special education is the ideal choice to ensure effective delivery of services. Considering the amount of convenience and the positive results it offers to both the clients and therapists, TeleTherapy has become a better alternative to the traditional methods.

TeleTherapy – A brief overview

TeleTherapy is the delivery of therapy services online via two-way video conferencing. At this unprecedented time, TeleTherapy has become a perfect alternative to face-to-face therapy sessions. It bridges the geographical gap between patients, their families, and educational providers working with them ensuring continuity of sessions.

Advanced TeleTherapy solutions like Verge support special education professionals with an easy and effective way to plan, create, schedule online therapy sessions, and collaborate with the clients and parents, very much like in-person sessions.

Vis-à-vis other solutions, Verge is more than a regular video conferencing application. It is a special education focused TeleTherapy solution, designed exclusively to support the educators and therapists who have dedicated their life to empower children with special needs, by addressing all their needs.

Why should you use Verge for TeleTherapy?

Verge is a dedicated TeleTherapy solution for speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, and special education teachers. It comes with the capabilities to support conduct of online therapy sessions effortlessly.

Simple User Interface – Helps you conduct online therapy sessions with complete ease. You may create a session either for an individual student or a student group.

Secure EnvironmentVerge is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, and HITECH, a stamp of guarantee that your clients’ health information is safe and secure. Every meeting will have a unique encrypted meeting link, unlike other free video conferencing platforms.

Extensive Content Library – Verge comes with hundreds of highly-interactive learning activities curated by a team of experienced therapists and special educators. In addition, the platform encourages and enables therapists and special educators to create add their own content* to be used in their sessions. (*Supported content types are presentations, docs, videos, and PDFs)

Seamless Communication – Built-in hi-definition audio and video modules for clear and secured interactions; in-session live chat to stay connected with the students or clients.

Interactive Whiteboard – Facilitates sharing of learning content during a session.

Multi-User Participation – Conduct group sessions right from the comfort of your home. All you must do is enable the multi-user participation feature, and then add your student group for an interactive session.

Insurance Coverage for TeleTherapy

Due to the safety norms and limitations of direct visits imposed by the onset of COVID-19, TeleHealth has gained greater acceptance throughout the United States (and globally). TeleTherapy/TeleHealth sessions are considered the same as in-person visits and are reimbursed at the same rate as traditional services. This regulation has paved way for therapists to leverage TeleTherapy platform to connect with their clients and provide continued and uninterrupted therapy services from the comfort of their homes.


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