I’m sure a lot of you have this question on your mind. Well, here you go, we have answered it for you! The beauty of the Verge Learning Marketplace is that it can be a great platform for you, regardless of the way you are providing your services (e.g. in-person, teletherapy, blended model).

1. As a therapist, these are the features you get when you use Verge Learning:

  • Your daily/weekly/monthly schedule at a glance
  • Your entire caseload in one place
  • Detailed Reports like:
      • # of sessions you have scheduled in the month
      • Total session hours completed
      • Number of new students added
      • Number of new student groups created
      • Individual profiles for all students on your caseload
      • Number of teletherapy sessions and hours completed
  • Immediate access to an enormous digital CONTENT library:
      • Verge Learning provides amazing learning activities from major subject matter experts in speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA, and social work (PDF worksheets, videos, and web apps.)
      • *Additional benefit: This content is easily searchable by age/topic/your favorites!
      • You can even upload all of your own therapy materials (things you’ve created or already purchased).
      • Your organization can also share material that they have purchased, or created.
      • Quick access to add and review your sessions logs and notes.
      • A place to assign homework/activities to students for carryover.
      • Access to a high-quality library of professional development courses to earn your CEU’s through XceptionalED, another amazing special education company in the Verge Learning family.

2. How do these benefits actually help you during your school-based sessions?

  • Get started on your day faster. You will be able to see your caseload at a glance and estimate your workload for the day.
  • And at the end of the day, you aren’t scrambling to update your attendance logs and counting hours of therapy provided to each student manually.
  • During your sessions all of your therapy materials can be accessed, sorted, and stored in ONE place – rather than going in and out of your google drives or computer files. (I hate when I can’t remember where I saved something!)
  • Homework might actually be completed! As we know, homework assignments given as worksheets can get lost in a backpack, but digital homework is more likely to be completed and then sent as an attached file.
  • And finally, no more worrying about catching up on professional license credits⸺CEU’s are a pain point for all of us when the time for renewal is near! With this platform, you are one click away from the vast resource library that you can have access to at any time.

3. Do you think you will also be providing services via teletherapy?

  • Although we didn’t pay attention to it much prior to 2020, teletherapy has been a highly established option for providing special education and therapeutic services. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this became the ONLY option.
  • The benefit to the global change in education delivery is that remote therapy or educational services can now be welcomed at any time if for whatever reason the student cannot attend school in-person. For example, if the student has to miss school for a reason other than sickness, he/she can still have access to their therapy session from anywhere and doesn’t need to miss out!
  • Remote access applies to the therapist as well. This means you can physically be anywhere and be able to provide therapy services to your student.
  • And probably most important, ANYBODY with the login details to your student’s Verge Learning portal can help that student with their homework; parents, grandparents, siblings, other guardians, classroom aides, etc. You can also interact more directly with your student’s home team by taking advantage of your ability to connect the student with assignments and activities all on the HIPAA compliant Verge Learning platform. You can provide more of an opportunity for family/caregiver involvement and education about their student. This means more carryover, increased progress, and a more global approach to the student’s learning team.
  • Thinking creatively, you could even use a hybrid model for families that prefer that. For example, some days in-person, and teletherapy on other days.

4. Need to cover compensatory IEP services or missed services when therapists and special education providers take time off?

  • The turnover rate can vary, and you might be looking to fill in for therapists or service providers who go on maternity leave or need personal time. With Verge Learning all the information about the students will be in one place. Any newly assigned service providers can log in and access ALL historical information for the student and pick up right where they are currently.
  • This not only includes the student profile (demographics) but also the activities that they did in therapy AND the homework that was assigned to them. The students’ therapy logs are all in here, for ease of counting schedules completed, the number of hours of therapy done, sessions that need to be made up, and so on. With this history in one place, picking up from where the student has left off will be extremely easy for the incoming new therapist or educator.

Here are two infographics to help recap why you should use Verge Learning once schools go back to in-person. (DOWNLOAD THE BELOW GRAPHICS AS A PDF HERE)


Definitely sign up for our 30-day FREE trial HERE and check out all the features. You can also schedule a demo with one of our product specialists and get a detailed run-through of this amazing platform!

So, what are your thoughts on going back to in-person therapy?

Krupa Kuruvilla, MA, OTR/L
Product Specialist at Verge Learning
XceptionalED Leader at XceptionalED

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