Summertime is one of my favorite times of the year. For those of us that work primarily following the school year calendar, it’s the time where our brains can stop, relax, reconnect, reflect, and recover!  It’s also an excellent time to dive deeper and learn something new… For many, the dive into serving students and clients via teletherapy was a new experience a year or two ago. While teletherapy was occurring in many places already prior to covid-19, the need and the potential of using it exploded given a global pandemic. Many people jumped in and realized they needed more training which they may or may not have gotten. Some people began using teletherapy and realized it was a treatment medium they really liked! I know some who are now pursuing teletherapy as their full-time job! Those contracts and jobs are out there. 

Maybe that’s not your goal, but you want to learn a little more about teletherapy options. Now would be a great time to learn more about the features of Verge Learning’s teletherapy platform. You can gain access to a free trial. Maybe you have a family member or friend whose children would benefit from some developmental support. Maybe you have a child yourself that can serve as a student for you to practice and learn.

You can sign up for a FREE trial Starter Plan by visiting this link: 

If you have not heard about us before now, take a minute to watch this overview video and get to know us.  Maybe you’ve taken a course with XceptionalED and are looking to learn more about what Verge Learning is all about.

Here’s a quick look at the Verge Learning Marketplace of tools and solutions for special education and disability-focused providers.
What makes our platform unique? Here are the Top 6 Reasons why!


When first getting started, I’d take time to get to know the setup of your home page.  
Image Description: The screenshot above is of the Verge Learning platform dashboard. The arrow annotated on the top shows where the professional development link is that will take you over to On the left side of that,  you will find the CONTENT LIBRARY where you will find hundreds and hundreds of therapy materials including interactive activities, games, and videos. Below the top navigation bar, you will find quick links to your upcoming scheduled session, hours of sessions completed, the number of students added, and the number of student groups created. The calendar and the blog to the right of it will show a quick glance at your upcoming sessions and schedule for the rest of the month.

If you have questions, I’d recommend reaching out to schedule a demo where all of your questions can be addressed.  To do that- simply go here and let us know if you are an individual or organization and we’ll set up a time to talk asap.  

Summer is for relaxing and learning. We’d love to partner with you as you learn and help others to learn as well!!!

What do you want to know more about?  What questions do you have about teletherapy and professional development?  Please take a moment to let us know here

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Elisa Wern, M.Ed., OTR/L, ATP
OT Consultant at Verge Learning
Owner of AT & OT Consulting and Coaching

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