After a year of intensive, online therapy for speech services and special education, I’ll bet you are ready for a fresh set of materials to engage your students next school year. I know I am! So I want to take a moment to highlight a few pointers to help you search and find exactly what you’re looking for.

I also want to help you fast track to getting the
most high-quality materials for the lowest cost!

Over the past 10 years, I have used multiple, video-conferencing platforms provided by a variety of telepractice companies, many of which did not offer a library of therapy materials. I spent countless hours searching for free resources, not to mention the money I spent acquiring others. While exploring the Verge Learning platform, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned of its extensive digital-materials library, the Verge Digital Toolbox, for speech/language therapy! (They have a robust section for occupational therapy too.)

What does one look for when considering the purchase of digital therapy materials offered by an online source? 

I like to see materials that address a number of Speech/Language goal areas such as articulation, phonology, grammar, prepositional concepts, categorization, vocabulary, stuttering, autism, and AAC (just to name a few). 

When you’re ready to begin purchasing your therapy materials, you may want to ask yourself these questions:  

Are the materials provided flexible enough to be used with a variety of disorders or are they structured in a way that only allows them to be used for one, specific goal?

The Verge Digital Toolbox offers flexibility. They are categorized by:

  • AgeEarly Childhood (Birth to 4), Elementary And Middle School Age (5-13), High School (14-18), Adult/Transition (18+)
  • Domain: Speech, Language Arts, Social/Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Health
  • Professional focus (e.g., Speech, Occupational, or Physical Therapy)

The materials can be used to address multiple goals.

What is the quality of the materials available?
Are the fonts used legible?
Are the graphics and materials engaging?

Verge Learning checks off all of these requirements. The Verge Digital Toolbox offers 1000+,  “no print,” high-quality, versatile, and engaging therapy activities provided by nationally recognized K-8, speech therapy, and educational learning creators like Danielle Reed, MS, CCC-SLP (Sublime Speech), Amanda Schaumburg, MS, CCC-SLP (Panda Speech), Kelly Workman, MS, CCC-SLP (The Elementary SLP), Christine Ristuccia, MS, CCC-SLP (The Entire World of R), and Susan Berkowitz, M.S.-C.C.C., SLP, MEd. (AAC Expert).

How expensive are the materials you need to purchase to provide quality, engaging therapy?
Do you have a limited materials budget?

It’s not just how much you have to pay, but also how long it takes you to find what you need. When looking for materials to address specific goals, the search on the Internet can be daunting. I know because I have personally spent an inordinate amount of time and money searching through various websites such as TeachersPayTeachers, looking for a specific type of high-quality activity⸺only to feel overwhelmed by the process. To have a vast, flexible, well-organized library of engaging materials at my fingertips, like that of the Verge Digital Toolbox, to me, is priceless!

What’s also great about Verge is you have access to SEVERAL of the most highly rated speech and language material creators at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase their content individually. 

All of the materials and resources provided in the Verge Digital Toolbox are included in your subscription, so there is no additional cost.

Is the library expanding to include new materials without having to pay more? 

We don’t want to be in the same position next year⸺ combing through the web to find new materials, spending more money, and losing precious time. Keep this in mind while conducting your search. 

In addition to all of the speech therapy materials already mentioned, the Verge Digital Toolbox is expanding to include fluency-related “no print” therapy materials and also offers videos and web-based GAMES! 

Verge Learning is also currently working with well-known, talented, digital-material authors, to generate unique speech therapy and education-focused interactive activities made specifically for the Verge Digital Toolbox (I’ll be updating you on these top-secret golden nuggets soon)!

Oh, and one more thing to spotlight, I also like that with Verge, I can upload resources, using my own, personal materials AND they are creating an Authoring Tool that allows you to create your own custom therapy materials! I’m specifically excited about the social language, augmentative and alternative communication, and bilingual therapy opportunities. Just think about all of the activities you can create for your specific students or groups. 

Don’t forget that the Verge Learning platform can be used with a variety of tech devices including Chromebooks! How is that for flexibility?

I hope this has been helpful as you are looking to bring in some engaging, new activities for your students. It’s becoming more and more challenging to reduce learning loss, achieve progress towards IEP goals, and ultimately, HAVE FUN during your sessions!

I highly recommend taking a look at the Verge Digital Toolbox to help you stay connected with where your students are at with digital learning⸺ you can check out all the materials when you sign up for a free, 30-day trial of the platform!

Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP
Product Specialist at Verge Learning
XceptionalED Leader at XceptionalED

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