Whether you are a therapist who has been recently introduced to the virtual world of therapy, or a seasoned teletherapist, this interview is something you will want to listen to!

Dr. Reina Olivera is the founder of Telehealth OT Services, and she specializes in helping families become more confident and competent in caring for children with special needs and developmental delays. She accomplishes this through an online parent coaching model. Krupa Kuruvilla and Dr. Reina dive deep into what the face of therapy could look like in the near future, and what specific features to look for in a teletherapy platform. Schedule your free demo with Verge today, and you can personally experience how it checks off on all the boxes mentioned!

Here are a few highlights that Dr. Reina and Krupa discuss:

  • The changing face of therapy since the pandemic struck in 2020
  • How Telehealth OT Services was born
  • The importance of the parent coaching model in telehealth
  • The future of OT in telehealth
  • Reasons people might choose telehealth over in-person therapy
  • What drives Dr. Reina to serve her clients
  • How Dr. Reina empowers other OTs
  • How Verge Learning checks off on all of the features a teletherapy platform should have
  • Plans for the summer! Tune in to hear about what is coming up!

Check out their conversation here:


Krupa Kuruvilla, MA, OTR/L, Product Specialist with Verge Learning
Dr. Reina Olivera, DrOT, OTR/L, Founder of Telehealth OT Services

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