The Scenario

‘I am a school-based Occupational Therapist. I arrive at my first school site for the morning and look through my folder for my schedule for the day. Back-to-back students until noon, and then I have to rush to another campus for an IEP. As I get my first student in, I select the appropriate visual motor worksheets from the 20+ activity folders I have carried in my backpack (I don’t have a cabinet at this school due to space constraints) and set them up for the session. At recess, I walk up to my mailbox in the staff room and see that I have received a referral for a new student. Back at my desk, I take a look at my schedule, and ah, bummer, I am not able to fit them in this week due to scheduling conflicts. Ah, I will take care of that later. Once I’m done with sessions at that school, I open my laptop to take notes, using a template I paid $5 for on TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) and then upload them to my Google Drive. Before my IEP at the next school campus, I open the IEP software the school uses to view the student’s goals and input my information. On my way to the conference room, I run into a parent who says that the homework I sent home could not be completed because the pages were torn. I sigh and make a mental note to resend it the next day. She asks for my email address to discuss some questions she has regarding her child’s therapy sessions, and I know too well that I will be spending a lot of time replying to that. 

After the IEP, I finally close my laptop for the day, but not before I hear the familiar ‘ding’ of a new email. I am exhausted, but I don’t want to leave it for later. I open it and cringe. My license renewal is coming up! How did I miss that? Now I not only have to find an appropriate site to take relevant courses, but I also have to budget how much that will cost.’ 

Does this sound familiar to you?

I bet it does!

As a school-based OT of 7+ years, I can vouch for the fact that at least 80% of you will have faced a similar day. Do you see a common theme running through the difficulties faced by the therapist in that one day?

I will give you 5 seconds to figure it out. 

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

Everything seems to be so scattered? Right answer!

The one common theme that sticks out to me is how this therapist has everything in a different place/folder. Her therapy materials, documentation, handouts/homework, etc. do not seem to be organized, like they should be, especially for a school-based OT. Try as you may, Google Drive cannot solve all of your problems. 

This is the perfect recipe for feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Honestly, it is not the therapist’s fault!

Therapists all over the world have been functioning in similar capacities because that is just the way it has been. Even though therapists are still able to get their work done, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way anymore!

Now, enter Verge.

Man with pink shirt on sitting at a laptop appearing to be happy.

The Scenario – Revised After Using Verge Learning

‘I am a school-based Occupational Therapist. I arrive at my first school site for the morning and sign into the Verge platform. My schedule is conveniently available to me on a daily/weekly/monthly view, as I choose to view it. My first student of the day has assigned activities as I had planned, so I don’t have to worry about planning for my session. I print out some worksheets and have some games pre-loaded and ready to go on my laptop. While the student is working on handwriting, I log in to the session logs and take my data in real-time, while the percentage accuracy is automatically calculated for me! This feature is a dream come true for not just OTs, but every pediatric therapist! All of my notes, the activities the student worked on, and the homework I assign is all in one place. I quickly send a secure message through the platform to the parents, letting them know about the assigned homework. Communication is key!

I walk up to my mailbox in the staff room and see that I have received a referral for a new student. Back at my desk, I try to schedule the screening at the end of the week and I immediately get a pop-up message that shows me I already have something scheduled then! Disaster averted! 

The IEP of my student at the other campus is in this system as well, since it has my entire caseload here in one place. I browse through the notes and input my information. 

I have a quick V-meet with a parent who wants to discuss when exactly they should be using a pencil grip at home for homework. The meeting is quick, and I still have time to eat my lunch without having to spend hours trying to explain something like this over an email! 

After the IEP, my phone ‘dings’ with an email reminder about license renewal. I click the ‘XceptionalEd’ button on the top right corner of my Verge platform, browse through some amazing, AOTA approved courses by industry experts, and enroll in a few of them. I will complete these over the next few weeks and my license renewal will be underway in no time. 

Done and dusted!’

Here are some amazing features about Verge that make it a complete tool for therapists:

  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Schedules, student information, goal bank, therapy materials, and homework, ALL in one place
  • Automatic data calculation in session notes
  • Built-in video conferencing platform
  • Multi-user whiteboard and collaboration functionality 
  • Quick V-meet for meetings with co-workers/parents/caregivers
  • Continuing education with XceptionalED 

Go ahead and get your FREE 30-day trial today! You can also schedule a demo at 

Orange bordered image with blue and orange text that says FREE 30-day Trial with smaller orange and blue text that says ‘Special Education & Disability-Focused: Digital Tools for Individual Therapists & Educators, Dynamic Data Capture During Sessions, HIPAA Compliant Teletherapy Platform, Robust Reporting, Individual and Group Session Scheduling, Extensive Goal Bank. Digital Therapy REDEFINED.’ The illustration on the right shows a stack of books with one person on their laptop, one with a magnifying glass, one holding a stack of books, and one reading a book. The Verge Learning logo and are at the bottom.

Krupa Kuruvilla, MA, OTR/L
Product Specialist at Verge Learning
XceptionalED Leader at XceptionalED

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