Schools & School Districts.
Ensure that all of your therapists and teachers have the right tools to conduct meaningful classrooms and therapy sessions.


Schools & School Districts.
Ensure that all of your therapists and teachers have the right tools to conduct meaningful classrooms and therapy sessions.


Do Your School-Based Therapists & Educators:

Have access to the best technology and resources to serve their students during this unprecedented time and beyond?

Have a school-branded digital online therapy presence?

Have access to best-in-class courses, live webinars, and industry-lead conferences in speech therapy, AAC, teletherapy, occupational therapy, ABA, and other language and communication therapies?

Something more integrated and customized to a therapy/classroom setting than Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams offers?

Need all-in-one access to student data, therapy materials, videos, IEP Goals, and session notes?

Across the globe, school-based therapists and educators have found themselves needing to conduct their therapy sessions and classrooms with their students remotely. However, most therapists are not finding the right tools needed to conduct therapy that is suited well for their students. Video conferencing teletherapy platforms, student management, and content management can be cumbersome and confusing when piecing together the right solutions.

Verge Learning’s marketplace is your school district’s one-stop shop for access to everything your teachers and therapists need to participate in successful and easy-to-use online therapy and classroom sessions, while managing their students and content all in one place.

Let Your School’s Brand Shine Online
With Your Very Own School or School District Branded Therapy Solution

A clean, distraction-free teletherapy platform with your school’s brand front and center will keep your students focused on what’s most important – a meaningful learning experience. Let your therapists, educators and students alike know that even though they are learning remotely, make them feel like they are in the classroom and not on some third-party platform. Having your school’s logo and brand part of their experience will keep your students feeling more engaged in a digital platform, setting them up for success.

Provide Your Educators With Great Therapy & Classroom Content
With An Integrated, Continually Growing Custom Content Library

Be sure your therapists and educators have access to great therapy content at their fingertips. Create their own or access 100’s of VERGELEARNING’s continually growing content library. Easily pull up PDFs, videos, or your favorite web apps all from your dashboard. No need to leave the session or minimize windows to pull in the materials that matter most during their sessions.

Easily Manage and Track Student Data All In One Place
With Verge’s Customer & Student Management Integration

Access and manage everything in one place such as student information, student goals, IEPs, session logs as well as schedule your meetings and therapy sessions. Our platform will integrate with existing IEP systems, making all of this accessible from one dashboard.

Provide Your Staff With Professional Development Resources
With Access to Industry-Lead CEU Courses, Conferences & Webinars

Offer your therapists and teachers the unique gift of professional development. We’ve made it easy for your school-based speech therapist and teachers to access the continuing education courses they need to maintain their license or teaching certificates. We know how important it is for your educators to stay up to date in their industry and that is why we’ve brought in XceptionalED’s professional development platform to be included in the VERGELEARNING marketplace.

In a nutshell, VERGELEARNING is the best option for online tools and resources for your educators and their students.

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