A revolutionary TeleTherapy platform designed to connect clients and therapists in real-time

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A revolutionary TeleTherapy platform designed to connect clients and therapists in real-time

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Your Trusted and Sustainable TeleTherapy Companion

Verge Learning provides everything needed to conduct a quality TeleTherapy session. It helps therapist plan, create, and deliver therapy sessions with complete ease. With an extremely simple-to-use interface that mimics the in-office experience, it enables therapists and their clients to experience highly engaged sessions in a secured virtual space.

The platform has several value-added features, including provisions for individual and group sessions, an extensive content library, interactive whiteboard, in-session YouTube video, presentation, document, pdf sharing, encrypted live chat, robust reporting, customized branding and much more. Should you have any queries or need assistance, our support team can assist you in every step to ensure a better experience.

Designed to Serve Multipurpose Needs

Verge modernizes yet simplifies TeleTherapy management by providing an all-in-one platform to suit the
various needs of therapy sessions. It is an easily-adaptable and sustainable solution for a school
setting, clinics, residential care homes and individual practitioners


TeleTherapy for Staffing Companies

Staffing Companies & Agencies


Individual Practioners

Verge TeleTherapy Content Library

Extensive content library with interactive learning activities

Create your own content library!

Verge supports therapists and special educators to add their content by registering their favorite educational apps, presentations, videos, documents, and PDFs into the platform. They can also create a personalized content library that can be organized and accessed during a TeleTherapy session.

Additionally, Verge TeleTherapy platform is bundled with hundreds of highly interactive learning activities curated by a team of experienced therapists and special educators. Every activity is designed to develop skills across multiple domains, including Speaking, Listening, Language, Reading, Writing, Social, Behavioral, Emotional, Math, and Cognitive skills. It is aligned with the state standards (what is state standards) and includes how-to-use directions and teaching suggestions to help ease the learning cycles.

The platform is built to analyze and understand the skills educators want to develop in children and automatically recommend a list of the appropriate learning activities, from which therapists can build an individualized learning plan for each student or student group. This feature greatly helps in accomplishing the IEP goals and achieving better and positive outcomes from the therapy sessions.


HIPAA Compliant TeleTherapy solution

Stay connected with your clients via Verge, a secure TeleHealth and TeleTherapy platform. It complies with the HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, and HITECH standards, guaranteeing that users and clients’ health information are safe. For every TeleTherapy session, a unique encrypted meeting link will be created and shared with the clients and the therapists. The link can be accessed only with secured login credentials that make the session extremely secure.

Verge platform has the best-in-class video conferencing tools which is easy-to-use and equipped with powerful features, such as:

 Two-Way HD Video & Audio
 Interactive Whiteboard
 In-Session Live Chat
 In-Session Content Sharing
 Session Recording
 Multi-user Participation
 Exclusive Content Library
 Mobile Ready


Simple and streamlined session management

Verge is integrated with a powerful session scheduler that enables special educators and therapists to plan, create, and schedule TeleTherapy sessions with utmost ease.

The automatic appointment reminder configuration helps in preventing no-shows.(How is this true) Therapists will have complete control over the sessions and can be at peace as the session data is transmitted using industry-standard encryption to enhance information security.

 Individual Session
 Recurrence Session
 Group Session


Flexible and powerful student management workflow

With Verge, special education professionals and therapists can manage every single detail about each student in a holistic, organized manner. Its goal generation engine simplifies the creation of skill-based intervention or IEP goals while recommending the learning content suitable for a child’s individual needs.

It furthermore generates automated progress reports to keep families involved in a student’s learning experience, while the built-in secure messaging features foster active communication between client families and the professionals working with them.


Monitor student progress and achievement

Performance Reporting is critical to assess the success factor for TeleTherapy programs. The solution ensures productivity by managing caseloads more efficiently and enabling professionals to spend more time working with their students.

The graphical representation of reports helps easily understand a student’s performance against assessed and practiced activities. Cumulative data can be measured across multiple apps, individual students, small groups, classrooms, or schools. The student progress reports can be scheduled to be sent automatically to all the key stakeholders at predefined intervals.

Verge elevates your TeleTherapy
session to the Next Level

 Best-in-class TeleTherapy Platform
 Complies with HIPAA and State Standards
 High Definition Audio and Video
 Simple and Easy Scheduling
 Interactive and Multi-user Participation
Highly Stable and Secure
 Affordable Pricing Plans

We would be happy to demonstrate more about our platform and
show how it can elevate your teletherapy sessions.