Therapists, Teachers, Administrators,
Students, and Parents
One platform. One Team.

Starting Only at $16.99 per month*


*introductory offer when subscribing for one year – see pricing details

Therapists, Teachers, Administrators,
Students, and Parents
One platform. One Team.
Starting Only at $16.99 per month*


*introductory offer when subscribing for one year – see pricing details

How Can our Enterprise System Help You?

Verge Learning Prepares Your School District, Staffing Company,
or Clinic Prepared for Anything.

Provide different methods of instruction based on your student’s and school’s needs:

Verge Learning Delivery Model

“As a business owner and CEO of a School based staffing company I find Verge Learning a secure, HIPAA compliant one-stop solution for our special educators and therapy providers giving them access to digital therapy materials, professional development resources, teletherapy and many other customizable solutions that makes their lives easier. Verge also seamlessly integrates into your existing systems getting the best out of the established processes.”

~ Marvel Philip, Founder & CEO, EdTheory

XceptionalSYSTEMS Includes:

Management and Organization of your Therapists, Facilities, and Students

XceptionalSYSTEMS was created to provide you with everything you need to organize, access, and support your staff, students,
therapists, and other team members. Set custom permissions and view productivity at-a-glance with powerful administrative
tools. One login, one system, all the tools you need



  • 100% HIPAA compliant platform
  • Differentiate your company by offering comprehensive. software support that allows your therapists to focus on student services
  • Reduce high staff turnover
  • Easily transfer student information to newly assigned therapists
  • Increase parent/caregiver engagement

Customize to YOUR Team needs. Contact us for more information!

Access to 1,000s of Materials – Or Upload Your Own

Create personalized content libraries to save time and money!
Select from 1,000s of therapy materials in the Verge Library and save activities for specific students.

Does your team have group or company content?
Upload materials to My Organization Library so your entire team will be able to access them.

Does your staff have digital materials they already purchased?
Each service provider can easily add PDFs, documents, presentations, videos to My Library for quick access at any time during a session.

Our Digital Library is curated from Content Providers therapists already know and trust.
We research, interview, and curate the best therapy material creators in all areas of speech and language therapy and occupational therapy: including but not limited to AAC, Articulation, Receptive/Expressive Language, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, and more!

Goal Bank

Goal writing is one of the MOST important aspects of therapy. It allows you to track progress from an established benchmark, to showcase the value of your therapy. Take advantage of this extensive goal bank to address a variety of diagnoses and write the
perfect goals!


  • 1,000s of digital therapy materials
  • Use the content within the Verge platform in a variety of ways: Multi-user whiteboard, unique Collaborate feature, and Simple screen-share.
  • Easily And target content using searchable categories, keywords, and age groups.
  • Save Favorite or most-used activities.
    . . . and many more!


Scheduling a caseload is now easy and organized! Individual and group sessions can be conveniently set to recurring events and HIPAA-compliant emails and reminders are sent automatically. Your team will spend more time servicing and less time scheduling.


  • Easily schedule individual students and group sessions with just ONE-CLICK
  • Conveniently create recurring sessions
  • Send and receive reminders of upcoming sessions
  • See all sessions at one glance in Daily/Weekly/Monthly views
  • Summary view of sessions scheduled and completed


Business video conferencing is NOT Teletherapy! Verge Learning Teletherapy provides everything your team needs to conduct teletherapy sessions that help keep students engaged and progressing towards their goals. With an extremely simple-to-use, all-in-one interface that mimics the in-once experience, Verge Learning enables therapists and clients to experience highly engaging sessions in a secured virtual space.


  • Powerful tools to direct individual and group sessions
  • Extensive content library (add-on option)
  • Interactive and collaborative whiteboard
  • In-session YouTube video streaming
  • Presentation, document, and pdf sharing
  • Encrypted live chat
  • Robust reporting
  • Customized branding

Professional Development from XceptionalED

Continuing Educated created BY and FOR Special Needs and Disability Support Providers. Learn from Leaders you know and trust! Provide your team with professionally curated CEUs created by clinicians highly specialized in all areas of speech-language pathology and occupational therapy. Practical direction and thought leadership to keep your team fresh and focused on service delivery.


  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Approved Provider
  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Approved Provider
  • Assistive Technology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • IEP related
  • Social Skills
  • Special Education

Robust Reporting

Detailed and efficient reporting at your fIngertips. Get quick access to information such as number of sessions scheduled, hours of therapy completed, new students added, etc.


  • In-session data collection and progress calculation increases staff productivity
  • Quickly access therapist caseloads and service delivery history
  • Power filter by therapist, student, location, date, session completion, and more!
Verge Learning Robust Reporting

Parent Component

Collaboration with Parents is a priority!

Parents/caregivers can easily login to access sessions and features like schedules and assigned homework. Our 100% HIPAA compliant message center allows protected email interaction with parents and increases team collaboration.


  • Therapists can share materials they are working on during sessions with parents and teachers to increase collaboration and reduce regression and lack of instruction/intervention
  • Parents/caregivers can interact directly with service providers
  • Team members are connected and working together to provide support.

System Integrations

Integration with your favorite system!

Our platform can easily be integrated with existing IEP and 3rd party billing systems, allowing for a seamless and easy transition and import of existing information. Our tech team is ready to connect with your IT team to make it happen.


  • API Integrations available for SEIS, IEP, Billing systems.
  • IT support required for all integrations.

White Labeling

Let your audience feel like they are on YOUR site!

Brand the platform as your own! Use your company logos and colors to customize your platform like your school district, staffing company, or clinic so your users feel like they are on YOUR website/platform.


  • Boosts the visibility of your brand
  • Strengthens the loyalty of clients and builds brand trust
  • Provides your brand with a refined product

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