All Your Digital Therapy Tools in One Place!

Starting Only at $9.99 per month*


*introductory offer when subscribing for one year – see pricing details

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All Your Digital Therapy Tools in One Place!
Starting at only $9.99 per month*


*introductory oer when subscribing for one year – see pricing details

For Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Education

“I love the scheduling, notes, and homework integration all in one spot and that the mouse control was in the collaborate section that only gave access to the verge screen instead of the whole computer. I love the drawing tool and cursor tool that shows the name of the users by them so you know who is doing what! The video feature is great! I love that there are no ads and you don’t have to pull up a separate screen for that! ”

~ Amanda Schaumburg M.S. CCC-SLP, Panda Speech


Your XceptionalTOOLS Includes:

Access to 1,000s of Materials – Or Upload Your Own

Create your own personalized content library and SAVE MONEY!
You no longer need to go here and there to get your therapy materials when you can simply access 1,000s of therapy materials directly from the Verge Library.

Already have a few of your favorite PDFs or documents you still want to use?
Add your own materials to My Library by uploading your favorite educational apps, presentations, videos, documents, and PDFs into the platform for easy access at any
time during a session.

But my organization has a library of materials they want me to use as well?
Easy enough! Your administrator can upload those materials in My Ogranization Library and you can quickly and easily access those during your session.

Curated from Content Providers You Know & Trust
Our content providers are handpicked and create the best therapy materials in AAC, Articulation, Receptive/Expressive Language, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, and more!


  • 1,000s of digitial therapy materials
  • Extensive built-in solutions for all your therapy needs
  • Use the content within the Verge platform in a variety of ways: Multi-user whiteboard, Collaborate feature, and Simple screenshare
  • Content is sorted for your convenience by domains, subjects and age groups
  • Easy search function by using keywords
  • Favorite your most-used materials with one-click

. . . and many more!

Goal Bank

Goal writing is one of the MOST important aspects of therapy. It allows you to track progress from an established benchmark, to showcase the value of your therapy. Take advantage of this extensive goal bank to address a variety of diagnoses and write the perfect goals!


  • Extensive, customized goal bank designed BY pediatric therapists FOR pediatric therapists!
  • Use this feature to compose Specic, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals
  • Goals cover a wide variety of topics and scenarios


We have just made this time consuming aspect of therapy easier! Now you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all your sessions in a separate log. Both individual AND group sessions, conveniently set to recurring, along with reminders!


  • See all your scheduled meetings at one glance in the calendar in Monthly/Weekly/Daily views
  • Get reminders of upcoming sessions on your home page
  • Easy scheduling for individual students and groups, with just ONE-CLICK
  • Experience the convenience of creating recurring sessions Snapshot of the sessions scheduled and completed on your home page!


Verge Learning Teletherapy provides everything needed to conduct a quality teletherapy session. It helps therapist plan, create, and deliver therapy sessions with complete ease. With an extremely simple-to-use, all-in-one interface that mimics the in-once experience, it enables therapists and their clients to experience highly engaged sessions in a secured virtual space.


Powerful tools to direct individual and group sessions

  • Extensive content library (add-on option)
  • Interactive and collaborative whiteboard
  • In-session YouTube video streaming
  • Presentation, document, and pdf sharing
  • Encrypted live chat
  • Robust reporting
  • Customized branding

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