Integrating Zoom & Verge Teletherapy

Make your teletherapy session an easier and more comfortable experience by integrating the much accustomed Zoom with your Verge account. Launch meetings and be notified just as with the rest of your regular tasks.

How to use Zoom with Verge?

Both Clients and Providers using Verge with Zoom are required to have Zoom Cloud Meetings installed to utilise Zoom for your Verge session.
You can download zoom here.

Zoom For Clients

After having installed and set up Zoom on your system, you can log in to Verge.

1. When your session is about to start, click the “Start session” button.
2. A new browser tab with pop-up should appear requesting to launch Zoom.
3. Approve launching Zoom, and your session will be connected.

Zoom For Providers

Verge requires service providers to connect their Zoom account to Verge, in addition to installing the Zoom software. By connecting Zoom and Verge, Verge is able to create new meetings under your account, and invite clients to join once their payment information is validated and authorized. When you proceed to set up a Teletherapy session for the first time, Verge will guide you to integrate your Zoom account. For subsequent Teletherapy sessions, you will have a choice to select between Zoom or Verge for conducting Teletherapy sessions. Follow the steps below to setup Zoom with Verge:

Step 1. Register with Verge teletherapy platform

Complete the simple user-registration and authentication process in order to sign-in to Verge Teletherapy platform.

Step 2. Go to Manage Account screen and connect your Zoom account.

Step 3. Once you provide the required Zoom Login information, now you need to authenticate your Zoom Meeting account to be synced with Verge Learning for creating teletherapy sessions.

Verge Teletherapy Platform

If the Zoom Account is successfully authorized, the respective Zoom account detail will be displayed in the profile management screen.

Step 4. Add Student

Once the profile update is done, the next step is to add a student along with the parent email.

Step 5. Once the students are added, Go to Student Roster Menu and click on the Schedule TeleTherapy button for a particular student.

Step 6.  Provide the required Session detail and click on Zoom as a option for Video Conferencing Platform. On selecting, the synced Zoom account will be displayed.

Step 7. Start session and launch Zoom

Once a client starts a meeting, you will be notified on the main Verge dashboard with a “Start Meeting” button to join the meeting.

(i) Click the “Start meeting” button.
(ii) A new browser window requesting to launch the Zoom application will appear. Approve launching Zoom, and you’ll get connected.

Step 8. End meeting

When your meeting is done, click the “End meeting” button in the Zoom window.


Some browsers may block the popup used for launching Zoom. Please make sure your popup blocker is deactivated and allow opening the popup if necessary.

After launching the Zoom browser popup, you may be asked inside the popup to confirm launching Zoom

Disconnect Zoom

You may choose to disconnect/change your Zoom account from your Verge profile management screen. The Zoom account synced will be visible. Clicking on Reset button will remove the synced Zoom account.

How to remove Verge from Zoom

  1. Login to your Zoom account and head over to the Zoom App Marketplace under Solutions menu.
  2. Go to “Manage” and find the “Installed Apps” section
  3. Select the Verge Teletherapy app
  4. Click uninstall