Zoom JWT Integration

Verge Teletherapy provides JWT integration method with Zoom conferencing software to allow high-quality video conferencing and screen sharing.

Please follow the steps to connect your Zoom account with Verge via JWT method. 

Step 1. Go to Profile Management section and select JWT Method option under Zoom Integration section.

Step 2. Visit this https://marketplace.zoom.us/ and sign in with your Zoom account.

Step 3. Accept the Zoom Marketplace Terms of Use.


Step 4.  Click on Develop and Select Build App

Step 5.  Click Agree Zoom API License and Terms of User

Step 6: Select JWT and click on Create button.

Step 7: Provide a preferred name and click on Create.

Step 8: Now Zoom App will be created along with API Key and Secret Key.

Step 9 : Copy the API key and API Secret Key from the above screen and paste it in Profile management screen and click on submit.

Step 10 : Once the API key and API Secret Key is submitted. The connected Zoom account will be displayed.

Step 11 : Once the API key and API Secret Key is successfully connected. The teletherapy meeting can be created via Zoom.